REVIEW: Vampirella Vol. 3 #6

You know when there is a new comic related film out by the amount of “know nothings” that suddenly appear in your local comic book store, asking about the difference between Iron Man and War Machine, or asking what’s the best book to buy for a story about (insert hero/villain here).  Yes I know I sound like a bit of a snob, but hey, I am British!  Seriously though,  I would assume that the comic book creatures of the night feel the same way about Halloween.  Here is a day, (or should that be night) that should be all about them, but through it all, they are surrounded by pretenders.

Vampi has other ideas though; quite content to be out in the public eye, albeit doing her best Mortica or Elvira as she introduces the fun and the frivolities.  Unbeknownst to her, however, there is a monster buzzing about with a very specific target and a very specific gift to give her…his heart!

Kate Leth seems to have found her feet with Vampi and her cohorts.  This books features them all, but mainly focuses on the titular heroine as, for a surprise, Leth succumbs to a one issue story.  I remember back in the day when there used to be loads of single issue stories.  Thanks to the “write for TPB” style of storytelling of recent years, this art appears to have almost nearly disappeared.  The story itself is quite fun, having a minor ramification from issue one shows that Leth hasn’t forgotten what has gone before, which in turn builds the readers confidence that other small things may also have a part to play.  The dialogue is also quite fun and admittedly a little cheesy.  Still what isn’t cheesy about a monster attack on Halloween?

Eman Casallos produces another strong issue with a variety of environs to contend with;  there is one-on-one panels both conversational and action orientated; there are crowd scenes which are greater in-depth than the party scenes shown in the  last arc.  There is a dirty style to Casallos art which is well suited for nefarious tales of demonic monsters on a dark night.  Casallos’ version of Vampi is full of charm and subtle sexuality.  The only aspect that really jarred was the final dance panel.  The darkness element is further deepened by colorist Valentina Pinto, who is quietly doing some stellar work for Dynamite which in my opinion, rivals anything that Zenescope are doing.

I really wanted to dislike this run, but over time I have found myself enjoying more elements than not.  Yes, there is the costume and yes the covers are still a little odd when you consider the interior content.  But overall, I am pleased to say that this book has crept on to my actual pull list.

Writing – 3.5 Stars
Art – 3.5 Stars
Colors – 4 Stars

STORY BY Kate Leth
ART BY Eman Casallos
PUBLISHER: Dynamite Entertainment

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