REVIEW: Vamplets # 5

G’Day guys!

Vamplets # 5 by Gayle Middleton & David Dwonch, with art by Amanda Coronado & David Dwonch, Publisher: Action Lab

Destiny Harper and her friends are to organise an event for the Vamplets, they just need ideas. A meeting with the odd-yet wise Madame Simone concluded with the outcome… of hosting their very first Vampyre Shower. This is like a baby shower… but only for Vampyres! Will their plans follow through? Or, are there forces out there to prevent this?

As a first time reader of Vamplets, and already at issue 5. I am overwhelmed with the extensive cast of already developed characters, which means I couldn’t completely fathom the plot of this story. This lead me to flip back and forth through the pages (not just a read and leave!) to better understand the plot and characters. The artwork by Coronado and Dwonch are pleasant for the eyes, it is manga-esque with it’s soft color with sharp and crisp detail.

Personally, would like to read from issue 1 and further more to get a better feel.

It has the charm of watching an anime, If you’ve read it from 1; or if you’re like me and need to start from scratch then do y’self a favour and check it out!!

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