REVIEW: Vision #8

So this is basically the Adams Family but with each member a physical variation on Data from Star Trek Next Gen’. Another android, Vision’s brother, comes to visit and has a positive effect on the family, I think, it’s hard to tell.

I heard good things about this and it’s certainly an intriguing premise; Vision builds family, lives in suburbia in an attempt to achieve some level of normality. This being the Marvel Universe though “normal” includes clearing the snow from the driveway with laser vision, synthetic teenage boys reciting Shakespeare instead of wanking themselves blind and dogs that phase through walls to play fetch. Each vignette with a family member and the brother is strangely haunting, the disconnected attitude of the Vision’s family is sad and a little pathetic as they try to be “normal” and simply become machines performing tasks that appear normal. It makes you wonder if the Vision is simply being cruel.

The art suits the writing, despite the similar design between Visions family members each one feels distinct and uniquely wretched.  Walta’s skill at depicting the fantastic in such a mundane fashion creates a palpable sense of duality, forcing you to accept that the weird is everyday, you can’t take your eyes of it.

I couldn’t tell you about the rest of series, but this feels like a horror story unfolding, I’d be almost scared to read the rest but morbidly fascinated to see it through.

Writer: Tom King
Artist: Gilbert Hernandez Walta
Publisher: Marvel

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