REVIEW: Voltron From The Ashes #4

Written by Cullen Bunn Illustrated by Blacky Shepherd
Published by Dynamite Comics

A little boy cries out to his mother who lays motionless across the floor of their home which has been devastated by a warlord who has come with his army to take over the planet. Who will rescue them from the evil monster army that continues to ruin the planet’s cities? Only the legendary and mighty Voltron is powerful enough to repel such and invader but where is he?

This book is about how a second string team of the Voltron Force managed to revive the legendary figure once again and despite a confidence problem took on the warlord’s army. The story is well written in both dialogue and imagery. I personally like it when imagery is balanced with dialogue. Too many dialogue bubbles hide the artwork and muddy the comic.

The artwork looks natural and consistent and the colors and shading give the characters a rich tone. The dialogue is just enough to let the illustrations tell the story. I had a problem with the story. It was not meant to be read by a newbie.

If you were like me and had come into this book with limited knowledge of Voltron you may be somewhat wishing there was more of a back story. There is not a lot of explanation and one might feel a little lost. This whole edition is just to explain how the second team of Voltron Force came into action and is not intended to explain much else. The story also lacks meat in certain places especially in the battle scene. When you are thinking that a small skirmish that the Voltron Force faces is just what they needed to boost their confidence for the main epic battle of this comic book it turns out that was the main battle scene. Then there’s the ending. It just cuts off just as the Voltron Force is about to face their most epic battle. I believe in cliff hangers but they could have chosen a better moment and maybe a more dramatic one to leave you hanging.

Still I cannot wait to see the next edition of Voltron From The Ashes and find out what fate awaits the second string team who did not think they were good enough to be called Voltron Force.

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