What the fuck is this? Other than a massive mess. It was this or chew my way through 130 pages of Steven fucking universe and this has left me in a pissy mood.

It’s shite, what more do you want? Take some fun characters from a childhood cartoon and re-imagine them as Mad Max-ian horrors. The writing feels like it’s being made up as it goes along, there’s page after page of dreary fucking dialogue.

The cartoon was basically a bunch of weirdos have a race, Dick Dasterdly tries to cheat, somewhere along the line six-year-old me feels uncomfortable when Penelope Pitstop is tied up and someone wins at the end.

Now thanks to the pure unbridled glory that was Fury Road, DC got someone to overwrite this elegant kids entertainment and an artist who seems to work by dipping seals in ink and clubbing them against the page.

The concept might have worked if it didn’t take itself seriously, got an appropriate artist and frankly just never been created.


0 Stars

Written by KEN PONTAC
Art and cover by LEONARDO MANCO
Variant cover by CULLY HAMNER

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