REVIEW: Wayward #10

Written by Jim Zub art by Steve Cummings and Tamra Bonvillain published by Image

Well done Image! Recap, learn from this everyone! Well I was hoping for something to wash away the pissy taste of Escape from New York and Wayward is the zesty flavoured beverage to do the job.

A young lady named Rori and her friends develop superpowers and work with a bunch of talking spiders to fight another bunch of mystic birdmen. While the recap doesn’t really fill in all the blanks the surrounding material leaves the right shapes to discern what’s going on.

Jim Zub, apart from winning the third coolest name in comics award keeps the plot tight and shapes the story to inform the action. There’s some brilliant ideas, like an army of house cats, ninja birdmen and an arachnophobe’s worst nightmare; spiders perched in the ear used as mystic communicators, which made my brain make a noise like my tongue was stuck to my hard pallet and I was trying to shout for toilet paper.

Steve Cummings line art is crisp and flows through the panels like prunes through a dwarf. Clear detail, proper depth in the backgrounds and nicely observed design, ARE YOU LISTENING DIEGO BARRETO? Not bitter…

Tamra Bonvillain, who wins second best name in comics, does a wonderful job with the colouring that feels like a warm balm on the temples with sunset oranges and deep greens.

I fucking hated Escape from New York and the contrast between the two may be making this better than it is, but I doubt it. I’ll have a look for the first trade me thinks.

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