REVIEW: Weapon X #3

The Weapon X program, thought to have been long disbanded, has begun to unleash mutant killing cyborgs that posses the ability to get ever closer to their target.  Their directive is to annihilate mutants and capture abilities that potentially could enhance future iterations of the mutant killing assassins.  These are not your Father’s sentinels, easily detected and  potentially avoidable, they look like you and I with the same keen senses of Sabretooth and an internal skeleton made of pure adamantium, Logan will need the support of some old friends.

We rejoin Old Man Logan and Sabretooth as they methodically track the cyborgs that are tracking them.  The duo maintains a shaky alliance as their plan is formulated to shake the tail and secure a potentially new member that can help find the source of these new and ever improving cyborgs.  Logan and Sabretooth will need to hurry as the cyborgs have discovered a new target, and that target is oblivious to how quickly her luck can change.  The list is long, the targets plentiful, and our fledgling team has little time to discover the source of their possible undoing.

Writer Greg Pak (Action Comics, Teen Titans, Astonishing X-men) has pulled together a great story using nostalgic characters, and compromised storied old conflicts to generate a potentially compelling storyline, the juxtaposition between past warring individuals builds tension and offers a compelling story as it builds.  The introduction of new and old characters is well-timed as Pak builds his universe with reckless abandon, as the next target will surely be one to read.  The accomplished Art team of Greg Land (Uncanny X-Men, Mighty Avengers) and Ibraim Roberson (Uncanny X-Men, Steve Rogers: Super Soldier) were able to chisel a gritty Old Man Logan for which visually tells the embattled history of Logan to this point.  The rendering of Sabretooth’s devious smile inspires the tension once felt during past conflicts between these two seasoned opponents, and Domino is depicted as sexy and dangerous.  the action sequences are masterfully done and kept me glued to the pages, I just love this style of art.

As this is the third issue in this run I have found this title to be a necessary must read for any Marvel or X-Men fan.  I give this title 4 1/2 stars out of 5 stars.  This has definitely made my pull list.

Writer: Greg Pak
Penciler: Greg Land
Cover Artist: Greg Land

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