REVIEW: Where Monsters Dwell #4

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Dodgy86 is in the mix, on location to bring you Where Monsters Dwell # 4 by the legendary Garth Ennis with art by Russ Braun and colors by Dono Sanchez Almara.

If your plain has crashed and you were kidnapped by a tribe of half naked ‘beautiful’ amazonian woman for breeding purposes.. would you complain? Unless you’re about to lose your manhood!

Meet Karl Kauffman flying ace, womanizer, jerk, coward and the man who almost lost his manhood! His plane crashes gets stranded due to a weird storm with his unfortunate passenger Clementine Franklin-Cox. With the help of Clemmie, Karl is freed by The Tribe of Beautiful Warrior Woman.. some say he used his cunning-ness.. seriously, who’d wanna be alone in The #@$^* Savage Land?? After escaping days of treacherous weather, hungry dinosaurs and other nasties.. Karl thought all things are back to normal until he finds himself in a stew pot by a tribe of pygmy men who see him as tonight’s dinner, as he simmers away seasoned with a side of vegetables. Count this man’s lucky stars as he is freed (again) as he saved the tribe from a pack of Velociraptors, he then uses their allegiance to seek revenge against the Beautiful Warrior Women whom the pygmy men show disdain!! These birds are not the post popular residents of this side of the Savage Land…

This time it’s “Gando!!!”

As Kauffman proves himself the unfortunate opportunist, I am taking a major liking to the his character in this book. He proves to have good intentions and thankfully Garth Ennis is the man to tell his story. Deserving, The Savage Land’s dangerous backdrop is the perfect for him to be surrounded by. The art by Braun and Almara add quality to Karl’s charms or lack there of! He somewhat reminds me of Bruce Campbell.

Garth Ennis fans, you will not be disappointed! This is worth a look, do ya’self a favour and check it out!!

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