Review: Wild Storm – Michael Cray #3

Reading Wild Storm Michael Cray, I really have to wonder what did Greg Berlanti and the Arrowverse do to piss off Bryan Hill? First Cray takes down Green Arrow and now he’s up against the Flash. Although, to be fair, the Wildstorm universe versions of these characters are a far cry from the ones we are used to.

In each cases, these normally heroic characters have taken steps far outside the normal bounds. In this issue, Barry Allen has become convinced that the implications of researching artificial intelligence lead to a threat that far outweighs any benefits from the technology. Allen has gone far beyond advocating to end this research. He has decided to kill any one involved with it.

As always, the shadowy government organization Cray works for have decided to not only eliminate the Flash, but to acquire his speed enhancing technology. Cray and his crew think they are up to the job and interestingly they go about their task obliquely.

Hill and N. Steven Harris have done a great job with this offshoot of the main Wild Storm book. I especially like how the usual DC heroes are being portrayed. These are the world conquering villains that we usually get in these alternate universe stories. These are people who have taken that step too far over the line and moved from vigilantism to terrorist. The abyss has long been looking back at them.

I enjoyed how even the most fantastic elements of the story felt grounded and possible through Harris’ and Dexter Vines’ art. This book feels like a less quippy version of a James Bond story rather than super hero book. I mean that is the best way possible. You might meet this version of Barry Allen in the Boston Commons and he would scare the crap out of you.

Even in you aren’t reading the main Wild Storm book, you should be tempted to give this book a try. I love when an alternate universe story forces you to look at a familiar character in a new light. The subtle ways that they change these characters are far more interesting than what you usually get in these kinds of stories. Additionally, Cray’s own story is adding up to be another mystery that needs to be solved.

Writer: Bryan Hill
Penciller: N. Steven Harris
Inker: Dexter Vines
Colorist: Dearbhla Kelly

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