REVIEW: Witchblade #182

STORY BY: Ron Marz
ART BY: Maan House
COLORS BY: Betsy Gonia
PUBLISHER: Top Cow Productions
RELEASE DATE: Apr 29th, 2015

Witchblade is one of the most popular Image characters. She is curvy, mystical and quite a bad ass with a take no grief attitude. All these things are what many comic book aficionados state I must like in a female led story. If that’s the case why I am feeling totally whelmed?

Ron Marz is on hand with the story and I have to say, it’s not his fault. The script is ok, even throwing in the X-Files pop culture reference which pretty much sums up what most people think of when F.B.I types are introduced. With the immediate threat dispensed with, it’s of to set up land and quicker than you can say “Don’t trust the chick in the red dress”  our heroine is one again under attack. How many times must Sara prove herself, or, is it the Witchblade that is being tested?

The art by Maan House is an odd mix. At times it looks ok, other times there seems like a lack of consistency with how the characters are framed. Betsy Gonia serves as colourist and editor, which seems like a peculiar combination. Colour wise, the pages range from a purple wash, devoid of detail to office environments which allows for more recognisable backgrounds.

Reading the book, I am a little interested in where this story is going, even if it is just justify my curiosity, which has made a couple of assumptions regarding the ending. However, that is not enough for me to revisit the series, the characters doesn’t engage me enough to warrant what may end up being a foregone conclusion.

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