REVIEW: Wolf #3

Written by Ales Kot, art by Matt Taylor, published by Image Comics

Re-caps, they go on the first page! But! At least there was one, always a plus.

Supernatural private eye looking after the anti Christ in California. Charismatic vampire landlords, children of Elder Gods and a henchman with a really irritating speech impediment to read.

The art is loose with clean line work and what I’ve come to think of as ‘Californian colours’, all warm and dusky. Good facial expressions and varied page layout help keep the first few pages flowing.

The first few pages are two people talking, distinct characterization and the aforementioned art stop it from being tedious, and actually made me quite interested in Azimuth, the charismatic vampire.

It’s a solid read with some interesting if a little muted characters, like they’re trying really hard to be cool. Trust me, you have tentacles for a face, you’re already cool.

If you’d like your Lovecraft with a bit more sun, sea and supernatural P.I. action then I recommend this.

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