REVIEW: Wonder Woman #19

As the release of Warner Bros. Wonder Woman movie looms ever closer, all eyes are shifting to the DC title of the same name. What can fans expect to find on the shelves of comic shops across the country as they make their way out of the cinemas? If the current run by Rucka and Sharp is any indication then fans can rest easy knowing they are in good hands.

Princess Diana is feeling more like herself these days; having just checked herself out of a mental hospital. (Long story) The wondrous one has been reconnected with longtime friend and Kythotaur (which is just like a Minotaur) Ferdinand. It is this gathering of old faces and friends that is the cornerstone of Rucka’s current run. The rules of WW are being rewritten and reintroduced to a new audience.

Rucka is finding a balance between the old mainstays of the character and series; Steve Trevor is still part of the scene, Themyscira is still home, the Amazons are still around. The magic of this series is that Rucka has been given the leeway to make room for new interpretations of old elements that needed a new coat of paint. His take on the origin of Cheetah, Diana’s wonderment of the modern world, and relationships between minor characters have all been reworked to feel fresh.

Sharp has his moments. The first few pages of this particular issue are stunning. It’s when the story requires multiple panels and the art needs to be condensed that Sharp seems to lose focus. He has been an artist that thrives when he is given room to illustrate. I’m not knocking the guy; even when he is off the mark, he is closer to the bullseye than 80% of his peers.

The current storyline is a mixed bag. It seems that WW’s enemies are gathering together to bring her down, while Diana and a group of friends are homeward bound to the shores of Themyscira…well they were until Diana suffers a serious wound on the last page that is a great cliffhanger for the next issue.

It seems that Wonder Woman is building up speed just in time for this summer’s film release. It should be interesting to see where Rucka and DC are going to take the Amazon.

Final Score: 3 ½ Stars out of 5.

Wonder Woman #19
Story: Greg Rucka
Art: Liam Sharp
Colors: Laura Martin
Letters: Jodi Wynne
Publisher: DC Comics

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