REVIEW: Wonder Woman #50

Let’s judge this book by cover… Not really a 50th issue cover, it’s very static. Maybe they focuses more on the Batman v Superman variants to care about the original which is a shame.

Baby Zeke aka Zeus is dying and no one knows why, Wonder Woman will stop at nothing to save the child she spent her entire first 30 issues protecting so why not continue that on into the 50’s.
At the alter of Gaia mother of all Diana meets Hecate who claims she knows what is wrong with Zeke but will need the three orbs from Heras seeing pool. While on her way to collect them from Olympus Diana was seemingly attacked by a cyclops. As we pick up Diana wakes to find not one but three cyclops towering over her, blades ready Wonder Woman queen of the amazons and God of war stands for battle only to be surprised at the kindness of the cyclops as one hands her some water.

The cyclops are prisoners of the weapon forger Hephaestus who uses their skills at making weapons as him own. With baby Zeke ailing Diana leaves to hand the orbs to Hecate and save the one mighty Zeus. Her next mission from Hecate takes to the father of all demons and a run with Ares himself, newly back from the dead he wants to regain his title of God of War and tends to take Diana’s head to make it so. The back up Donna Troy story is stronger than the main. Donna is now fate and has visions of people at the end of their lives. She sees a young boy about to die and what could happen if he lives. Now she has to choose if saving his life is worth the consequences. This issue along with this story line seems very much or a tie in to up coming Rebirth that will return many things to old continuity. That said it had plenty of action with the new God of war facing off against the old one.

This for me is a 3 star book with is a shame as the new created team started out so strong.

Review: Wonder Woman #50
Written by Meredith Finch
Pencils by David Finch & Johnny Desjardins
Inks by Scott Hanna
Letters by Rob Leigh
Published by DC
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

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