REVIEW: Wonder Woman #6

Written by: Greg Rucka
Art: Nicola Scott, Romulo Fajardo Jr. and Jodi Wynne

Greg Rucka, Nicola Scott and Liam Sharp have given us one of if not the best book of the DC Rebirth launch.  This issue of “Year One” begins with Steve and Diana returning to the land of men aboard the invisible jet, which carries a much greater mystical feel under Rucka’s pen.  The interaction between Trevor and Wonder Woman in the initial pages is simply magical.  I have found Liam Sharpe’s art to be so fitting for the “Lies” storyline so to is Ms. Scott’s style fitting for this series.  The smooth and innocent appearance of Diana is ideal for the origin story.  Once the mystical jet lands the story only gets better.  The bond between Steve and Diana faces its first test when the Navy separates the two.


If you are only pulling the “Lies” arc you are missing out.  This is the issue where the, dare I say CONVERGENCE, really slaps you in the face.  We are shown the mug shot in Steve’s possession during the Rucka/Sharp books.


The issue continues with the Navy inspecting Diana’s items just as the Themescarians marveled at Steve Trevor’s possessions.  The wildlife menagerie appearing in the holding cell is deftly explained and provides a perfect Segway to Diana’s “gifts.”


The final tie in is the visit from Barbara Minerva who seems to be the only individual who can communicate with Diana.  She scoffs at her explanations only to question her own rational beliefs at the display of Diana’s power.  Seeing the logistic and scientific portrayal of Cheetah is outstanding.  Mr. Rucka also uses this translated dialogue to sort out the twisted web of Wonder Woman’s origin nicely.

Greg Rucka is churning out amazing work issue after issue.  This trio gives us so much and it has only improved as each storyline approaches the other.  Whomever put this team together at DC deserves a massive raise.  I have a permanent grin while reading these books, very much akin to Steve’s look of pride in the final page.

If you are not pulling the entire Wonder Woman series, you are just flat faced WRONG!  Don’t miss these issues they are damn near perfection!


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