REVIEW: Wonder Woman ’77 #23

Written by Amy Chu, art by Dario Brizuela, published by DC Comics

This is a faithful adaptation comic based on the 70’s TV show Wonder Woman. Which means it’s wooden, flat, cliché and Wonder Woman only pops up on the last page. It’s a comic drowning in nostalgia for a show that has aged about as well as Jeffrey Dahmer’s larder in the middle of summer.

I truly don’t understand this comic, it’s too much like a series that needs beer goggles to enjoy with hindsight and doesn’t take advantage of the medium to go a little nuts in ways the TV show couldn’t. The script is so stiff you could go seal clubbing with it, the story is stripmined from a third parties vague recollections of the seventies that they remember from Scooby-Doo cartoons.

The art is like sex with my first ex, functional but no matter how hard you try the result is damp and unsatisfying. Camera angles are flat, anatomy is all in the right place but looks like all the strings were cgi’d out. Faces stare out from the uncanny valley and NOTHING exciting happens, at all.

I simply don’t understand the purpose of a comic that clings to all the bits you wish would hurry up to get to the five minutes of Lynda Carter being bit awesome, but it doesn’t even manage that.

Oh, and my first ex went to university and lives quite happily with her girlfriend now, which explains a lot.

0 Stars

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