REVIEW: Wonder Woman 77 Meets The Bionic Woman #3

So far, the Wonder Woman ’77 Meets The Bionic Woman series has been incredibly fun. The way these two characters work with each other fit much better than I expected they would by the title alone. This issue does sag a bit under all the heavy exposition, but gets pulled up again by a couple well placed action scenes.

All of the bad guys have gathered at their secret lair and reveal their bone fides to each other. They are all the experts in robotics and metallurgy that Jaime Sommers and Wonder Woman faced in each of their TV series. This is where Andy Mangels (Iron Man: Beneath The Armor) gets himself bogged down. Six pages of introductions is a bit much for a single issue of any comic book to sustain.

Even with the heroes stopping a missile and fighting male fembots – ugh, a 70s name that causes endless amounts of problems for everyone – the story slows to a crawl while we fit each villain into their respective episodes of the correct TV series with a mini recap.

Finally the introductions are over and the Bionic Wonder team is free to beat up some male fembots – malegalbots, guyshebots, himherbots – androids. The shipboard fights showcases the strengths of both women as they take down the threat on deck.

Once Wonder Woman and The Bionic Woman are out chasing down some red herrings, the fembots – No, really… this time they are straight up fembots – strike the OSI.

For the most part, Mangels is having fun with this book and it really shows.

Hungarian artist, Judit Tondora (Grimm Fairy Tales: Tales From Neverland), is also having a lot of fun with the art here. During the missile crisis that opens this issue there is a call back to a very famous (and suggestive) Wonder Woman cover. She also loves drawing the fembot faces popping off as much as the special effects guys did on the Bionic Woman shows.

She does a great job with balancing both Jaime Sommers and Diana Prince with their heroic counterparts and making sure that each is given equal presence in the book.

Pick this up from your local comic book store for a good, fun read.

Writer: Andy Mangels
Artist: Judit Tondora
Colors: Rolan Pilcz
Publisher: DC and Dynamite

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