REVIEW: Wonder Woman Annual

Ever since the Rebirth saga began we’ve been getting this fresh start on Wonder Woman. Her past is shattered and is basically starting from square one. Which is great because it feels like we get to meet the character all over again. Which we kind of are with the movie hitting theaters this weekend getting many positive reviews, the whole world is getting introduced to Wonder Woman all over again but with a fresh coat of paint. So with perfect timing we get an excellent annual including writers such as current writer Greg Rucka, who opens the issue of four stories in one. That’s right you get four Wonder Woman stories in one comic book!

We’re not the only ones meeting Wonder Woman for the first time. Batman and Superman in Rucka’s opening story called “And Then There Were Three” are meeting the Amazon princess for the first time and it’s a memorable encounter and a great way to kick off the issue. Artist Nicola Scott draws out the details excellently. From Batman’s scowl to Wonder Woman’s one of a kind smile, Scott nails the feeling and moment of this epic encounter.

You can tell from the next three stories that this is a comic that holds dear to Diane’s true nature and mission in life. Writer Vita Ayala makes that loud and clear in the next story as Wonder Woman interrupts the execution of King Shark. Artist Claire Roe really makes Diane’s determination stand out through facial expressions and body language. It’s got all the King Shark Wonder Woman action you could want. My personal favorite short story in this issue is the third one titled “The Curse and the Honor”. Written by Michael Moreci and art done by Stephanie Hans. This one has Wonder Woman’s honorable warriors heart stored tightly in it. I love a good honorable warrior tale. As she spars with a cursed Japanese warrior among the snowy hills of ancient Japan, they come to a compromise that Diane isn’t happy with but as a true warrior can’t deny. It has a beautiful texture and style as Hans really captures the action as well as the warrior turmoil of the battle.

Closing out the issue is a tale called “The Last Kaiju”. Written by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing. With art done by David Lafuente, the team creates all the giant monster explosive action you could want. With Wonder Woman thrown in the middle. But the story has a more meaningful message as once again we are reminded that Wonder Woman is, yes a total badass but it’s her compassion and love for life that truly wins the day and not the edge of her sword. That’s what makes Wonder Woman Annual so great. It has all the goodies of action and well drawn colored panels but we get to see the most important thing about Wonder Woman. Her always caring heart. Wonder Woman Annual gets five out of five stars!

(W) Greg Rucka, Vita Ayala, Michael Moreci, Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly (A) Claire Roe, Stephanie Hans, David Lafuente (A/CA) Nicola Scott

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