REVIEW: Worlds Finest #32

STORY BY: Paul Levitz
ART BY: Jed Dougherty
COLORS BY: Chris Sotomayor
LETTERS BY: Travis Lanham
COVER BY: Yildiray Cinar
RELEASE DATE: Mar 11th, 2015

Back to Earth 2 for another setup piece. Now let me start by saying I liked the original idea for this book, teaming up Huntress and Power Girl was a nod back to their pre-Crisis friendship. Yes Huntress was Helena Wayne not Bertinelli and don’t even get me started on the whole Power Girl costume debate! Despite this, and the inconsistent art, I quite liked the book and was disappointed when it became another Superman Batman book.

Now I am going to say something blasphemous. You can have too much Batman!

Still here? Good.

I know that there are fans out there who want to see every moment of a character’s journey. It is not enough to know that they got there; some fans want to stop at every point and shop at the tourist shop. For those fans, I give you Star Wars Episodes 1-3. How did they work out for you?

This book isn’t quite as bad as that, there is no Jar Jar for example, but I do get the sense of why bother.

Paul Levitz is on hand as writer and it is clear he loves playing in “his” alternative DC universe. Art is supplied by Jed Dougherty and is adequate. To my eye he is trying to stay on track, matching art style to the Earth 2 sister book, which you as the reader either appreciate or don’t. I would rather see something unique rather than a rehash of a set style.

As you’d expect, steps are taken, pieces moved as the Trinity continue to move to their Earth 2 #1 fate

I was drawn to the book at it’s inception because of the characters involved. Now without their input my interest has waned and the book, has set the comic book definition of being whelmed.


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