REVIEW: Worst Day Ever #1

So being my very first review my heart sank when I seen the cover, O god it’s a Zombie comic. With my love of Anti-hero comics, I had convinced myself Id totally get one of them and low and behold I get the zombie one.  So I sit down and said to myself it’s ok, this will be ok…keep can do this…remember it can’t be as bad as World War Z.  15 minutes later and I had finished Worst Day Ever, and I have to say I want to read more…

We begin our adventure with our hotdog clad hero Charlie who is “just doing what he needs to do to pay the bills” during the recent ISIS induced Zombie Apocalypse.  With his  sword slinging bicep popping friend Hillbilly, they acquire the finer things by raiding abandoned buildings while making their way around the city on their motorbike and moped.

At the start of the comic we meet Charlie’s Zombie neighbors. They are ragers ( type of zombie) and actual brothers but haven’t done enough to justify killing them, so that’s why they still live in Charlie’s building. We then get to met Charlie’s irritated boss who believes even during the apocalypse time management is important. But most importantly we also get to see his love interest, the beautiful barista Julie.  But is she just a barista or is there more to Julie than meets the eye?

This comic give enough back story to how the apocalypse began without it become boring. They explain the different types of zombie and why you don’t actually need to kill them all.  The illustration is simple but effective reminding me of a more colourful 30 Days Of Night but not as gruesome.

Its simplistic take on a zombie story has no new revelations but it has enough witty references that it pulls you in. Ending the issue on an “I knew this was coming” moment was a wise move, as even the not so pushed readers of zombie comic’s will want to see what they end up doing.

With various reference to pop culture icons like Clerks, Westside Story, Punisher and The Untouchables there is a nice touch of humor to this comic.   It pays homage in a big way to ZombieLand and The Walking Dead. So if either of these things are how you like your zombie fix, then this is a comic for you.

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Tenacious Comics
Written by Westley Schomer
Art by Luke Stone
Colored by Patrik Mock
Lettered by Luke Stone

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