REVIEW: Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #2

G’Day Crusaders,

Dodgy86 is back in the mix bringing you Wrath of the Eternal Warrior # 2 by Robert Venditti with art by Raul Allen, Patricia Martin and David Astruga.

Gilad aka the Eternal Warrior has a very long life, experiencing joy and hardship concurrently within his life of 6000 years. He has died several times, when he does – he’s resurrected into the openness of life. After being reintroduced to this afterlife he is among his children he reared and lost within his life as well as deceased wife Leena.

Duty calls and you can’t keep a good warrior down, what lies next for the Eternal Warrior? Read on and find out.

The dialogue between Gilad and Leena had further drawn me into the story because of Venditti’s steady pace and sharing the feelings of the characters, it is beautifully written. The climate changes at the end of the book shows a completely different style with monsters and the like, kudos to Allen, Martin and Astruga for their collaboration to make it work.

Valiant are creating some nice books, if you’re not into endless annoying retcons – read Valiant!

Like monsters, sword fights? Do ya’self a favor check it out!

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