Review: Wretches #2

Sean and Shea are space mercenaries and damn good at their job. That is until their base is attacked and Sean is abducted, now Shea must search the Galaxy for her brother and she won’t let anyone, man or alien stand in her way. Hell hath no fury like a sister on the war path.

I’m not a fan of sci-fi books for the most part as they can be rather generic, the same aliens and the same ships repeated In Book after book and this doesn’t differ from that. Mercenaries in space has been done and the aliens tend to me nothing more than large talking animals. That said the action panels are done well and the colourful art make up for the lack of originality. The art itself is great for the animal creatures but is let down by the misshapen bodies of the humanoid characters yet the faces are very clean. The story is fluid and runs at decent pace so as not to lag and it’s interested enough to keep you reading to the end.

Overall it’s an okay try at a sci-fi book but needs a little something more to push to make it a good sci-fi book. Wether that is more original alien characters or a less played out story is not for me to say. It’s clear that the team behind this book have tried to make this book great, however for me personally it feels like so many space adventures I’ve read that it needs to gear up into something new and exciting and fast.

For the stunningly colourful aliens and pacing this gets 3 stars from me. I’m sure hard-core sci-fi will find something to love.

Story by James E. Roche
Art by Salomon Farias
Colours by Chunlin Zhao
Letters by Jamie Me & Jonathan Carter
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

Do you agree with my review or think I couldn’t be more wrong?

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