REVIEW: X-Files 2016 #1

A shooting at a Maryland mall, brings the worlds favourite sceptic and true believer to the shop floor and into a mix of cold indifference and mild tolerance.  As with most X-Files stories, the reader (or viewer depending on your medium), sees more than the agents, with the enjoyment of the reveal being tempered with the fun of the agents trying to catch up.

Screenwriter and experienced X-scribe Joe Harris continues his work on this long running book, showing a familiarity that is born out of repetition as much as anything else.  With this show, there is a formula in place that very seldom differs.  Harris does well within the framework with which he has worked for a couple of years; there in lies the problem.  Despite the fact that both Mulder and Scully sound like they should, as does the small guest role for Skinner, there is nothing to really make it stand out against any of the other  X-Files stories.

Matthew Dow-Smith has potentially the most difficult task.  With licenced books like this, the artist needs to make the characters recognisable from the source material.  For the most parts, Dow-Smith does extremely well.  Sure, there are a couple of places where Mulder has more wrinkles than a constipated Yoda, but for the most part the main part of the job is done well.  Secondary to the “do they look like who they are supposed to be”, Dow-Smith produces an environment that works well within the story, especially when viewed through the colors of Jordie Bellaire.

Back in the day, way back in the 90’s, I used to love the X-Files TV show.  Even at the height of it’s power however, I never bought into the idea of the comic books, originally from Topps Comics.  Some properties don’t transfer well.  My interest in the show waned as it moved further away from the original dynamic and despite the recent revival of the show, my interest has waned further.  This being an IDW comic, there are variant covers abound; one of which states ” I Still Want to Believe” a paraphrase of Mulders, semi famous poster.  At this point, despite Harris and Dow-Smith’s efforts, “I Just Don’t Care” has unfortunately become the maxim of my own poster.

Writing – 3 Stars
Art – 3 Stars
Color – 3 Stars

(W) Joe Harris (A) Matthew Dow Smith (CA) Menton3
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