REVIEW: X-Men Gold #15 — The Click Through War

Smile, X-Men and get ready for your close ups. Mojo is back in all his murderous multimedia mayhem and he’s going to get all the ratings and click-throughs in the entire Mojoverse… and maybe Manhattan to boot. Unless the X-Men can stop him.

And you know who is the only person who can fight Mojo for ratings: Longshot. Yes, the incredibly fun and 90s be-pouched hero who is also eternally tragic. (To be fair, he needs all those pouches to hold all those throwing blades.)

This time, the always televised revolution may have a chance or that may just be what Mojo wants them to think. Because, while the Blue and Gold X-Men are fighting an entire Mojoverse’s worth of bad guys, spires are sprouting out of the ground all over Manhattan. When he has enough of them, Mojo will suck the island into his dimension (maybe the other boroughs, too).

I am a sucker for a good Mojo story and Marc Gugenheim (Punisher & Bullseye, Rocketeer Adventures) is laying out a great one. With all of the X-Men’s’ long history — both past and future — to play with. Mojo can keep coming up with foes to knock them back and win the ratings wars and the real wars. And while Longshot has yet to win any of his revolutions, maybe luck and clickbait will be with him this time.

It looks like Diego Bernard and JP Mayer are having just as much fun with the art as Gugenheim is with the plot. This whole book rolls from one fight scene to the next and Bernard (Witchblade, Faith & the Future Force) and Mayer (Blue Beetle, Batwing) are clearly up for the challenge. All of the fight scenes are detailed and provide a natural momentum through the story. One question I have is why are the costumes of most of the X-Men stable, but Magneto and Polaris are cycling through different costumes in the histories.

I have liked how both the Gold and Blue teams have each shaped a different niche and identity for themselves. In some ways, I would have hoped they would have more time as separate teams before they were thrown in a big story together. In some ways, this story threatens to undo some of the work that has been done over the past year and just jumble all the X-men together and say “Look, they are all still buddies. We can mix and match as we like.” I was enjoying the different feel the teams have and hope they can get back to that once this Mojowar is done.

Writer: Marc Gugenheim
Penciller: Diego Bernard
Inker: JP Mayer
Colorist: Rain Beredo
Letterer: Cory Petit

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