REVIEW: X-Men Gold #3


The first arc of this new version of the X-team wraps up in a nice, neat, little bow, as the team saves the mayor of NYC and we find out who was pulling the strings on the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

The big news here is the latest additions to the team’s roster. Finally! after having their moments throughout the past decade the characters of Rockslide, Magma, and Armor look like they are getting called up to the main roster! It’s always exciting to see young characters added to the team. While readers have had a chance to get to know these characters in previous titles, they have yet received the main stage treatment alongside the likes of Storm or Wolverine.

The plot isn’t anything to get excited about, the story wraps up fairly quickly. The X-Men swoop in on the X-Jet, kick some bad guy ass, save the mayor, and then they confront the Brotherhood’s benefactor. (Hint: It’s the bigot)

The other surprise that got me excited was seeing the cover to the next issue. It looks like a certain Cajun is going to be making an appearance in the next installment! So if you’re a fan of Gambit it looks like your guy is coming back! The real question is—is Gambit coming back for a short stint or is he here to stay?

As far as the quality of the comic; it remains the same. I have written very favorably over-all for this series. I like the direction and the action that Guggenheim is headed in, and despite the latest media explosion that might kill his mainstream comic art career, I still enjoy Syaf’s visuals. (Syaf was recently released from the title and Marvel for slipping offensive and racist images into Issue #1)

This book is still strong and as the next arc begins the true test of how solid the creative team is will begin as the initial hype dies down and the real grind of an ongoing series starts to set in. Can Marvel keep the ball rolling? Or will this series lose steam and die; which appears to be a recurring problem for Marvel and their newer titles.

Final Score: 4 out of 5 stars

X-Men Gold #3
STORY BY Marc Guggenheim
ART BY Ardian Syaf, Craig Yeung, and Jay Leisten
COLORS BY Frank Martin
LETTERS BY VC’s Cory Petit
COVER BY Ardian Syaf and J. Scott Campbell
PUBLISHER Marvel Comics

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