Review: X-O Manowar #6

In the comic book universe, we are accustomed to hyperbole and the rich tradition of storytelling. Stories of otherworldly conquests, heroes with unimaginable powers, and warriors who take comfort in correcting the injustices in their worlds. While it is common to find books that do a fine job of focusing on some of these traits, Valiant Comic’s XO Manowar has found a way to weave all of this into the greatest ongoing series available today.

The sixth issue in this ongoing monthly series finds Aric shifting his focus from the now vanquished Cadmium, to The Burnt tribe, who have started to flee to Azure cities. With a rich history of disdain between these two tribes, Aric has been tasked by the Azure Emperor to rid his empire of The Burnt refugees and discover why they were there in the first place.

Aric’s true allegiance is to the truth and when he is confronted with the reality of what is really happening to The Brunt, he does what comes natural. He begins to formulate a plan to bring justice to those who would willingly oppress others in the name of power. As a true hero, he never seeks out a fight, but he will not sit idly by to allow innocent people to be harmed.

Writer Matt Kindt has done some tremendous work in the past on other titles such as Mind MGMT and Divinity, but the ongoing store in XO Manowar, to me is clearly career defining. He has taken a character who has a history in the Valiant universe, and made him his own. If you’ve never read any of the previous XO series, you are absolutely invited to start this run with confidence you will not be lost.

Doug Braithwaite, artist, and Diego Rodriguez, colorist, bring a plethora of emotion to the story with epic battle scenes and raw close up emotion of characters who are constantly faced with challenging situations.

The series has not disappointed since its debut in March. This sixth issue continues the strong output that has been provided thus far. I challenge anyone to find a stronger, better written ongoing series today. This is truly a must read for any fan of hero or fantasy comics.

STORY BY Matt Kindt
ART BY Doug Braithwaite
COLORS BY Diego Rodriguez
LETTERS BY Dave Sharpe
COVER BY Ariel Olivetti, Dave Johnson, Doug Braithwaite, Lewis Larosa, and Ryan Bodenheim
PUBLISHER Valiant Entertainment

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