REVIEW: Xtreme Champion Tournament XCT #0

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This is Dodgy86 in the mix bringing you some local Aussie Talent, here I bring you Xtreme Champion Tournament (XCT) # 0 by Shaun Paulet and Brendan Halyday with art of Jerry Gaylord and Gabriel Cassata.

The titular character is the infamous former slave to gladiator to freedom fighter and now warlord.. Spartacus! As Spartacus plans an assault on Roman general Crassus, the plan is to show fear and weakness in the Roman Empire. To do this suicide mission he enlists a group of his best warriors, as fate does not go according to plan….

In the present day in Italy, a land-slide on a cliff face creates a mini cavity close to where a group of archeologists are working. After the mini earthquake and as curiosity leads to discovery, the archeologists encounter a tomb and find the remains of… Spartacus!

Fifty years later, with DNA cloning becoming more experimental Spartacus is brought back to life. He does have his memories and thoughts of his past and is trying to cope with the present… he is back where he began, this time he’s in a futuristic version of his gladiatorial role as he once had in the Colosseum.

As this is a # 0, this is an origin story of Spartacus and the last moments of his life. It doesn’t show more of the destined storyline, therefore you got to read more.

This book has non-stop action and the pacing is well structured, the script by Paulet and Halyday keeps the action throughout without losing track of the story. The art style is beautifully laid out by Gaylord and Cassatta by displaying war-scenes along the lines of movies like Gladiator and Brave Heart without being messy and overdrawn. This is a lot of fun to read and the art is very pleasing to the eyes.

If you like the TV series Spartacus and enjoy action, then Do ya’self a favor and check it out!!


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