REVIEW: Xtreme Champion Tournament (XCT) #2

G’Day Crusaders,

Dodgy86 is back in the mix bringing you XCT # 2 by the tag team of Shaun Paulet and Brendan Halyday with art by Jerry and Penelope Gaylord. Published by Comics2Movies.


In the last issue, Spartacus defeated the dangerous Minataur..

The team behind the Xtreme Champion Tournament (with the purpose of creating increasing viewers and ultimately revenue), have a Baykok in their possession! A Baykok is a character representing death from indigenous North American tales with the purpose to kill warriors unmercifully. What happens when the Baykok breaks out?


The story continues straight from the last issue with the narrative told through sports commentary as well as concluding through narration of a TV show. This is a nice contrast to the high-level action, violence and gore. The Gaylords continue to stay true in the appearance of this comic.

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This book still delivers a decent story telling and beautiful art!

Do ya’self a favor and check it out!

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