REVIEW: Yi Soon Shin: Fallen Avenger #1 – 4

When it comes to political intrigue most folks will cite TV shows like House of Cards, West Wing or even Game of Thrones. There is a fine art to wheeling and dealing in the halls of power, but it wasn’t always so subtle. Throughout history the climb to influence was often paired with violence and treachery. To gain a higher position of power meant destroying those above you in station.

Yi Shoo Shin is the admiral and supreme commander of the Korean navy in the late 1500’s. He is surrounded by backstabbers and political players that want nothing more for him to fail and be cast away. His main military competition comes in the form of another Admiral, Won Kyun.

Kyun’s lust for power goes so deep that he allows himself to be brought in front of the Korean Emperor in a makeshift court martial only to spread the lie that Shin is planning on taking the royal throne for himself. The emperor’s council is corrupt and agrees that the admiral is dangerous leaving the emperor to name Kyun as the new Supreme Commander of the Korean naval forces.

Intertwined within this wicked web is the sad story of Jin, a woman who works for a traitor of the Korean people, Baron Seo. Jin is moved throughout the ranks of the Korean officers as a lustful plaything, roping in multiple men into a dangerous game of deceit. She gives herself over to multiple lovers in the hopes of furthering Seo’s plot of destruction.

Seo is the real villain of the series. He moves in the shadows and not only betrays Shin, but his Korean heritage to the Japanese every chance he gets. His reach seems to stretch everywhere throughout the story from the royal palace of Korea to within the bedrooms of Shin’s own officers. This snake careful manipulates the human chess pieces while rarely revealing his identity.

This four issue arc has all the trappings that bring other properties media attention. There is sex, death, and lies. The nudity in the book keeps this offering strictly for the adult audience. I don’t think that a younger reader could follow all of the political power plays anyway. This book has a robust cast and a reader has to take their time to really absorb all the layers of story that are here.

Final Thoughts: Hidden under the cover of this comic are the lessons of political gamesmanship. It is a history lesson of how the back channels of power are far more turbulent that anything that makes its way into the public eye.

Final Grade: 3 Stars

Yi Soon Shin- Fallen Avenger #1-4
Story: Onrie Kompan and David Anthony Kraft
Art: Giovanni Timpano
Colors: Adriana De Los Santos
Letters: Joel Saavedra

Publisher: Onrie Kompan Productions LLC Get your copy HERE

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