REVIEW: Zodiac Starforce #4

Written by Kevin Panetta, art by Paulina Ganucheau, published by Dark Horse

Well this is a turn up for the books. A comic aimed at a young audience that sells itself on action and story. Joy of joys there’s even a kooky little re-cap and synopsis!

It’s a bunch of teenage girls fighting an evil woman with an army of zombies and a dollop of romance and dark temptations. They all have astrological styled cosmic powers and names and the whole thing is something every parent should get for their kids!

While the script is a little out of my middle age range I could still appreciate the sheer joy and energy behind it. The story almost trips over its pacing in a couple of places but you don’t care as you power on through a break neck plot. There’s a lot of characters in this issue but surprisingly they all feel like individuals when they’re on panel. The dialogue gets a little hammy but as I said, it’s not aimed at me and I’m sure a younger audience would love it.

The art is smooth, clear and distinct. The action has more energy than a three-year old on pixie sticks and the dramatic scenes carry weight, even as the pace is almost tripping over itself.

It handles certain situations perfectly, by ignoring the urge to make them a social comment and you would have to be a right arsehole of a parent to object to this comic finding its way into your kids hands.

(caveat, the five-star score is with the mind that this isn’t aimed at me, but ideal for a young reader.)


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