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This is Dodgy86 in the mix bringing you Zombie Cities directed by Sorab Del Rio with various artists. Published by Silverfox Comics.


The world as we know it has been inundated by a Zombie Apocalypse, it’s not just Sydney but the rest of the world. This book consists of 7 short stories based in 7 cities:

Sydney – Daddy Get Me Home with art by Jopax, Paul Abstruse and Martin Szabo. Sydney is under attack by zombies and eventual hero arises as Barry (Bazza) armed with his trusted cricket helmet and bat intends to rescue his daughter whose caught amongst the chaos.

Washington – Yes, We Can Kill Zombies with art by Netho Diaz and Mano Araujo. The White House is not exempt from the Zombie apocalypse and it’s up to the President of the United States to instil calm into his people, and grant permission to kill zombies. Yes, we can!

Bondi Beach – Blood At Bondi with art by Abstruse. Be careful of what you find in the water, we’re not talking sharks…

Tokyo – Horror At Harajuku with art by Jopax. The billboards say it all, George Clooney says “I love Eyeballs” and what happens when you eat this odd delicacy? Three young women find out the hard way.

London – God Save The Queen with art by Mauro Barbieri and Araujo. There are odd tales about the Queen’s private life, the Queens-Guards as well as the royal family are doing their best not to reveal this secret publicly.

New York – If I Can Kill Em’ Here, I Can Kill Em Anywhere with art by Diaz and Araujo. The land of opportunities and a rags-to-riches tale of a homeless man reaping the rewards of a law declaring that if you kill a zombie you inherit their assets.

Rio De Janeiro – Voodoo Zombie Racer with art by Rene Micheletti and Araujo. A legendary Brazilian racer dies and is resurrected by voodoo magic to race again.

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Del Rio is a visionary; rather than just tell one continuum book, he’s broken it into chapters which are in short story form, they are their own story taking you on a different journey each chapter. It’s good that these stories are not interlinked in any way especially with a different art scenes, they are only linked by their common theme (Zombies). Rather than be a what to do to prevent a zombie invasion, it’s more like stories of individuals living amongst this scenario.

The slang used in the dialogue (based on the location) is a bit campy, it is a treat.

The are throughout the book is delightful with some beautiful splash pages (see attached), and the resemblances of the celebrities are pretty cool also.

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For Zombie fans this is a must read and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It a long read as it is in a TPB format, 104 pages of fun. Do ya’self a favor and check it out!

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