REVIEW: Zombie Dawn Safe House

It’s 2021 and there are Zombies. That’s kinda all the back story you need for this 12 page comic about a group of (not so good at surviving) survivors moving from one safe house (oh I see what they did, clever) to another.

Zombie books are popping up quite a lot now and that fine if you’re going to keep the standards of the likes of Self Storage or Living with the Dead, but sadly this falls short as we jump into what not only feels like the middle of a story, but the middle of an issue. With only 12 pages to tell the story it’s rushed and sloppy and there is no character development so you ace no clue who to root for and who not. There is a short tale in Tragic Tales of Horrere #2 called ‘Tupper’ that shows how to do a short story about Zombie survival and does it so well.

This has to be the worst Zombie title I’ve read and if you know me, that’s hard for me to say, sadly this issue will only get 2 stars and that’s only because of the art!

Zombie Dawn: Safe House
Written by David A. Rodriguez
Illustrated by Dheeraj Verma
Published by Eagle One Media
Reviewed by Dawn Of Comics

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