REVIEW: Zombie Tramp #10

Writer: Dan Mendoza, Jason Martin
Artist: TMChu
Colors: Jason Martin
Letters: Adam Wollet
Publisher: Action Lab Danger Zone

Zombie tramp tells you everything that you need to know about it in the title alone. There are zombies. There are tramps. Things don’t get much deeper than that. The Queen of the Dead is having a heyday with the mortal world, killing, cussing, and refusing to wear very much in the way of clothing.

As far as storyline goes, the entire issue is set up as a reference joke. The titular character must stop a drug addict turned zombie after coming into contact with the salt produced by the Queen of the Damned taking a bath. Yes, she has to fight a zombie that’s high on bath salts. And that dated reference isn’t the only gag in the issue, as the author makes the same “Goonies” reference eight times.

Everything about this title feels like it is simply trying too hard. There are cheesy horror comics with skimpy heroines that I enjoy (See: Hack/Slash), but even the swearing in this comic feels forced, as though there is a quota for F-bombs that must be met before the story can be concluded (in the middle of a scene without any explanation as to what has happened so far). The art is decent, but so outrageously over-sexed that it’s not remotely sexy at all.

Each issue of a comic has to hook the reader, has to draw them in and leave them wanting to read more. Issue 10 of Zombie Tramp categorically failed to do that for me. It’s certainly not the worst thing that I’ve ever read, but I would not recommend this comic to anyone, even if they specifically asked me if I knew of any titles that involved tramps, zombies, or some combination thereof.

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