REVIEW: Zombie Tramp #22



zombie (noun)- an undead corpse intent on devouring human flesh

tramp (slang)- a female with an affinity for immodest and promiscuous behavior

Zombie Tramp (comic)- the ongoing tale of a Janey Walker, a scantily clad (see: tramp) monster (see: zombie) with giant breasts and emotional baggage attempting to maintain her humanity

This issue features gratuitous nudity and gore, but let’s face it… every issue does. We begin with our tramp reliving a memory of her life before waking up as a topless torso hanging from meat hooks. Her captors are a gang of voodoo thugs led by Papa Yagga who plans to harness Janey’s immortality. That is,  until a rescue attempt by Xula, her “mother” who resembles a busty Mohawk Storm from the X-Men. She doesn’t hold back in her slaughter of the gang and frees her daughter from the mutilated body she possesses. Xula even provides two more slutty bodies for the zombie spirit to inhabit and consume. Exciting stuff.

I will say, while this book is pretty much an excuse to draw smut, it’s also kinda brilliant. What better way to keep the sexiness and decomposition interesting than have the same personality inhabit different bodies? Bravo to creator Dan Mendoza for throwing that ability in, as it is genius. The writing is raunchy and fearless, which doesn’t work in mainstream comics but has a home in a title such as Zombie Tramp. The artist, TMChu, got this job for a reason, as he nails the overly sexual and violently graphic tone of the book with anime influences. He sometimes describes actions in the effect lettering, so instead of “ZAP”, it reads “EYE BLAST!”, which I got a big kick out of. I’m not sure if this is thanks to the artist or letterer Adam Wollet, but it’s a unique tweak to write “SHATTER” instead of making up some onomatopoeia to use. The energy and magic scenes are colored wonderfully by Marcelo Costa.

One thing really bothers me about this title. I don’t understand is why they bother X-ing out nipples in this when it’s so clearly mature. They may show in the print copy, I don’t think so. The “spirit” is totally naked but isn’t censored due to being monochrome, i.e. visible nipples without discernible areola’s. Many of the variant covers show uncensored breasts, yet the inside just puts black X’s over what is clearly exposed and even referenced by another character. Maybe it’s a rule in order to be sold in comic stands instead of pornography sections, in which case, I digress. However, the comic series “Sex” has full nudity, genitals and all, without being pulled off the shelves. All I’m saying is, if you’re gonna do it, go balls to the wall.

Basically, you know what you’re getting yourselves into when you read the title and see the cover of Zombie Tramp #22. The art and writing are what you’d expect, but for those likely to pick this up, this is an acceptable standard. I can’t rate this any higher than three stars solely based on the premise of the book, even if it does accomplish what it sets out to do. It’s extremely mature, so read at your own risk.

Acceptable, Three out of Five Stars

Writer(s): Dan Mendoza
Artist Name(s): TMChu

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