REVIEW: Zombie Tramp #27

By…yeah I’m not putting anyone’s name on this shit.

Had to happen.

Understand this: I have read Faust Love of the Dammed. I have read every Grendel comic there is. I’ve also read so much childish shit from the nineties I can tell the difference between avant garde violence and the shit that just wants to shock, and this is that.

Every character is a unlikeable, unrelatable cliché. The concept isn’t subtle, but the execution isn’t clever enough to do anything but try to shock, instead of managing even that, it  comes across like a kid who thinks he’s the first person to ever-present a parent with a dead animal. It’s set in a prison and the women’s wing is called the “cunt hole”, when your eyes have rolled back from that, they’ll ” shock” you again with some badly drawn zombie boobs and you’ll have to wait till your eyes face front once more before you see the next presentation.

In fairness the art rips off Oeming more than adequately, it just has nothing to really show.

The Adventure Time Spooktacular was edgier than this, and more disturbing, go read that.

So it’s a comic only a nine-year old pyscopath would enjoy under a “mature reader” rating.

0 Stars

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