REVIEW: Zombie Tramp #7

Publisher: Jason Martin (Action Lab: Danger Zone presents)
Writing & Colouring: Jason Martin
Created & Co-Written by: Dan Mendoza
Artwork by: Winston Young
Lettered by: Dave Dwonch with Jason Martin

Ever wondered what a comic book created by Director Russ Meyer would look like? I’m assuming that’s what the creators of Zombie Tramp must have been thinking when gleefully conceiving of such a subject.

In the seventh issue we find our heroine somewhere in the southwest desert of the US sitting glumly in a fast food restaurant. Not in Zombie form, she quite humorously mentions that her taste buds have developed a need for flesh (human flesh) and that her eating there are for appearances only. She even suggests that compared to the crap they put in the chicken nuggets, even us humans would take a bite.

She’s not without morals and the choice of “happy meal” as she puts it is normally someone who she deems to be a low-life. And she chooses well as the characters you come across who are her victims are annoying if not too obviously so.

How she’s drawn and how she draws in her pray is why I chose to ask the question, Ever wondered what a comic book created by Director Russ Meyer would look like? Maker independent films such as Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill! And Motorpsycho Russ Meyer was the “King of the Nudie” (a quote appearing on his headstone). Appearing like she’s bounced out of a Sexploitation film boobs first, everything about her character design is indulgent. The blood and gut that are splattered throughout the panels are pure decadence of gore, creating a weird mix of sex and serrated limbs.

On face value its shallow. Zombie Tramp vaguely follows a story line of different pursuers trying their best to capture or kill our Tramp and the comic showcases more and more ways to creatively consume or kill different characters. But despite its shallowness, simply put it’s fun. There’s a teenage boy pandering to the comic that ignites a guilty pleasure to any teenager who liked gory movies, busty broards and of course zombies.

Nothing to write home about but for the fun alone I’m writing about it here.

I’m giving Zombie Tramp;

2 out of 5 stars.

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