REVIEW: Zombie Tramp Halloween Special

The title of this comic says it all. It’s got zombies, tramps, and it’s all about Halloween. Action Lab brings their sultry vixen out for the holiday and it’s just plain and simple fun. We’ve got blood and guts, treat or treats, and T and A.

If you’re are looking for a book with some serious story telling or thought-provoking plot you’d best be served to look elsewhere. Everything here is about the simple gags, sexual innuendo, and of course monsters.

This issue has four short stories packed together. None really stand out. This is just pure filler for the adult crowd that wants some sex and blood for All Hallows Eve.

Final Thoughts: Not for kids. Keep this treat for yourself. But like all the sweet treats of Halloween too much of this comic will rot your brain.

Final Grade: 2 Stars

Zombie Tramp Halloween Special
Story: Dan Mendoza and Jason Martin
Art: Celor, Brain Hess, Bill McKay, Marco Maccagni
Colors: Mango Costa, Valentina Pucci
Letters: Adam Wollet
Publisher: Action Lab Danger

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