REVIEW: Zombies Assemble #2

This is a little treat for crossover fans and when I say cross over I mean from standard comics to manga! The writers and illustrators of this collection have made it in traditional black and white and read from back to front, right to left. For those not use to Manga it can take a few pages to find your flow but once you get into it you forget the direction and just see the story.  This is a great idea and put together extremely well. It is clever and well written and easy to follow. It might even get you interested in reading Manga or standard comics if you haven’t before.

The story so far, A big party in stark towers to celebrate Tony’s birthday. All the avengers are there but a virus is let loose and Thor and Black Widow become infected. It looks like a zombie virus and its transmitted by touch, what are our hero’s going to do???

Tony and Rhody are on the phone, Tony lets him know that the virus has gotten out of stark towers and is now making its way across New York, and if that’s not bad enough Thor is on a rampage and he and Hawkeye are finding it difficult to hold him off.  The good news is that Bruce aka the hulk is working on an antidote while Captain America keeps watch over Black Widow. (wow that’s a lot of info in the first few pages).  With the rampage getting worse Thor manages to get Tony pinned to the floor, all looks lost when I little lady with a big gun shoots Thor in the chest and knocks him clean out, followed by my favourite line of this entire comic, “Gentlemen…Follow me if you want to live” (I know right, totally made me smile).

Tony and Hawkeye bring her to the lab where she goes all fan girl on Captain America, turns out she runs a fan page lol. Finally, we find out who she is, her name is Dr Toshiko Amano and she works in the research and development dept.

They team want to know more about the weapon she used, did she make it, how does it work? She seems surprised that they don’t recognise it especially since its part of THE CHITAUR!!!

We continue finding out more and more about our Dr Amano, like how did she get the weapon in the first place, how was the virus made?  And if and where there is an antidote. OOO yeah and what Thor looks like when he is really hangery.

I really enjoyed this book, being dyslexic I have never really read Manga as I found it to be confusing and difficult to read but I must admit I found this easy after a few pages and I think I might give some Manga a go. Rate 3.5 out of 5

Writer: Yusaku Komiyama, Jim Zub
Penciller: Yusaku Komiyama
Cover Artist:YusakuKomiyama

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