REVIEW:Funk Soul Samurai #1

G’Day you Funky Bunch!

This is Dodgy86 back into the mix bringing you Funk Soul Samurai by creator/artist/writer Nick Gonzo.

This is a story is of a mysterious loner, a man roaming the desert minding his own business until odd looking monster get in his face.. why would you cross a man wearing a thick jacket and a scarf in the desert? This dude carries a sweet samurai sword and ain’t afraid to use it.

Splatter-a-plenty for the lovers of gore and violence to boot.

The plot is thin, however it actually works really well. This katana wielding dude who is dressed odd is just roaming around listening to his music (the visual effects from his headphones is a nice addition)has no problem slashing giant monsters who get into his path,preventing him from drinking his juice!

The art is wonderful, at first it looks like something a 9 year old child drew.. after spending time looking over the pages you get drawn to it as art and you will appreciate it more and more. The fact there is no dialogue makes this book special, it is technically a silent book except the only text are defining the sound effects in the background. This book is bold and man the cover is delightful!

This book is a masterpiece and cannot be overlooked, do ya’self a favor and check it out!

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