EARLY REVIEW: Roche Limit #1

Story By: Michael Moreci
Art By: Vic Malhotra
Cover Price: $3.50
Digital Price: $2.99
Publisher: Image Comics


Roche Limit is a new Sci-Fi series from the creative team of Michael Moreci and Vic Malhotra, taking place on a colony originally established as beacon of hope for humanity to continue their exploration of the universe has now become a shadow of its former self, settling into hub a depravity and excess.

When reading the premise for this series your mind quickly turns to Bioshock, it feels like the creators have taken that premise and put a wholly unique spin on it. Whilst it feels like Bioshock, Roche Limit is a hard sci fi story taking place on colony far from earth that in this opening issue centres around a concerned sister as she searches for her sibling that has vanished on the colony without a trace. From here we are introduced to the roguish Alex Ford who joins up with Sonya on her search using his natural cunning and street smarts to show her how tough life can be on this colony.

Whilst this is the main story in this opening issue, Moreci also uses this opening issue to introduce us to some the space stations main players and set the overall tone for the series. All is not what it seems on this space station and Moreci teases the reader giving us just a glimpse of what is going on raising questions in all the right places whilst not giving anything away and it will be a joy to see how this story progresses.

Malhotra’s art adds to the tone of this series and complements the writing wonderfully, giving this colony a much lived in feel and well past its prime. Everything has fallen into decay and depravity with twisted winding streets and oppressive looming buildings, it is your atypical near future city and it has been designed with the utmost care. Malhotra’s characters are also wonderfully expressive; thanks to cheeky grin you can feel Ford’s charisma oozing out of the page. The backgrounds are busy but, not busy as to take you away from the story being told with enough detail to let your eyes linger for a while. The palette chosen by Jordan Boyd really complements everything Malhotra’s art works towards, adding to this dystopian colony world, bathing it in neon light, with plenty of dark colours and shadows letting the reader know this is not a safe place to live.

Roche Limit is a great comic that has bags of potential, this first issue sets up a wonderful new sci-fi universe for readers to explore, giving us a great tease of what is to come and setting up Moreci’s overall narrative. It will be interesting to see where this intrigue and mystery takes as we explore Roche Limit further.








By Matt Deery