SERIES REVIEW: Stephen Colbert's Tek Jansen

WRITER: Jim Massey, John Layman, Tom Peyer
ARTIST(s): Scott Chantler, Robbi Rodriguez, Matt Wagner
LETTERER: Douglas E. Sherwood
COLORIST: Dave McCraig, Peter Pantazis
COVER ARTIST(s): McCraig, Chantler, John Cassady, Laura Martin
RELEASE DATE: 2007-2009

I often go to the library to pick up graphic novels and comic books that I would find interesting enough to read, but not want to purchase and keep. Upon my latest trek there, I stumbled upon this gem of a book. A long-prospering love of all things Stephen Colbert made me immediately check it out and read it at home. And let me tell you, it’s everything you want from Colbert.

The art, while not always the best, is a fun and expressive style that perfectly embodies the outrageous space sci-fi style it’s conveying. The coloring only enhances it, and the progression of panels is quick to jump onto, as well as enjoyable to read. The narratives get crazier and crazier throughout the volume, so it’s only fitting that the art gets wackier and wackier.

In terms of writing, this entire series was the perfect level of Colbert goodness. With a protagonist so egotistical he truly cannot see when he’s at fault, to the embodiment of evil threatening to kill him for five issues before realizing he likes him, to even having the antagonists be major fans of him…this is the stuff that made The Colbert Report such a nine-year hit.

With wacky villains, a lovable-idiot-of-a-hero, plenty of sexual innuendos, and a complete lack of any sort of deeper meaning, Stephen Colbert’s Tek Jansen is the perfect satirical read for any fans of the sci-fi/comedy genre. Blending together the over-the-top parody style that Colbert is known for with fun narratives and classic comic book nonsense, it’s an enjoyable ride for any and all comic book readers.


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