Writer: Various
Artist: Various
Publisher: Uproar Comics

Zombies Hi is the flagship title from independent comic publisher Uproar Comics. Zombies have been the go-to genre for indie and mainstream publishers alike in the last few years. Team Uproar follows that trend with Zombies Hi, a story of a world devastated by a plague that has turned the majority of the population to Zombies. The story starts quickly, with a brief, creative recap of how things got bad. The story then jumps right into present day Zombie apocalypse life and we are introduced to a group of survivors, who have barricaded themselves inside a makeshift community. The survivors are divided into groups until a breach in the perimeter wall allows zombie in, and everyone must band together to save the community. the first arc takes us through the survivors fight to save their home, and the formation of a unified group. We see the normal leadership struggles, hunts for supplies and all the other tasks you would expect from a zombie survival story.

If you are going to do a zombie book, let alone a black and white zombie book, it’s inevitable that your series is going to be compared to The Walking Dead. It doesn’t help that every other page of Zombies Hi feels like it was written after watching an episode of The Walking Dead TV show. Despite the similarities, this story this series has a way to go to be in the same ballpark. As you’re reading the story, it doesn’t feel as if the writers know exactly where things are headed. While there is a story developing, after reading the entire first arc and had no attachment or interest in any of the characters. The art for the series doesn’t do much to pick up the slack, but there are some well done scenes in the first arc that give you hope that things will improve as the story moves along.

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While the series has it’s problems, I can say that it is obvious that the creators have put effort into trying to bring their story to life. I hope the creative team of Zombies Hi takes a step back and decides a direction for the book. On a positive note, if you like zombie stories and enjoy The Walking Dead, you might just want to give this a read and see what you think.

Final Verdict: While it has its moments, Zombies Hi still has a lot to prove in an already zombie flooded market. If you would like to check it out, you can find the story over at

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