Shadowgun Legends Shows off its Weapons

Join our Livestream at 4 pm CEST10 am EST Tomorrow, April 26th!

This week our Shadowgun Legends livestream will look at one of the most important aspects of the game, your weapons. The weapon options in Shadowgun are very important to our development team. They want you to have a solid variety of boomsticks, lasers, and basically anything that can cut down alien foes.

Join us on the broadcast to preview and discuss all the weapon options in your arsenal. If you are facing giant shield wielding foes, or fast sprinting beasts, they are all targets in the end. Keep your guns closer than your friends because, in the end, that may be all you have left to survive!

Our guests will include Marek Rabas the CEO at MADFinger and Game Director on Shadowgun Legends. Also, we will have Radek Marek our Lead Artist to show off all of his creations.

We cannot wait to livestream one of our favorite parts of the game! We look forward to your questions and will see you online!

Watch the Livestream here:



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Stay MAD and have Fun! Join us for Shadowgun Legends!

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