Shards Online is now “Legends of Aria”

Citadel Studios’ flagship title now a full-fledged MMORPG

Citadel Studios is proud to announce a significant change in the development of their first game. Not only has Shards Online become Legends of Aria, but we’re ditching the low number of players per shard and small amount of land-space in Celador.  The fans spoke loudly, and we heard them.
Legends of Aria is a full-fledged MMORPG, complete with a landmass more fitting for thousands of players at once on each server. Unique biomes, from deserts to snowy mountain climes, dense forests and murky swamps make up the face of the world. And with all that land to traverse, you’re going to need a ride – mounts are finally coming to Legends of Aria.

But we’re not stopping there. Players will be able to set up camps, go fishing, and rest their weary bones while traveling far from home. Archery is being added, so everyone can be their own Robin Hood. The world of Celador is ripe for the taking, and players and guilds will need to fend for themselves to make the most of life in the war-torn world.
Legends of Aria will be a full-loot PVP enabled game, but with safe havens under guard protection for fans of PVE. This way we keep everyone on one server, rather than fragment the player base. There’s a whole crime and punishment system in place, which we’ll be detailing closer to launch.
Players who Pledge Now get full access to the existing Technical Alpha of Shards Online, and when Legends of Aria’s massive world is ready for testers, they’ll get immediate access there as well.
Take a look at our new trailer, showing off all the big changes coming to Legends of Aria. Also, for comparison, see the shots of the old map and the new to see just how much bigger the world has become.
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