Short Order Crooks: Comedic Comic about Crime, Cooking and Bad Decisions

Christopher Sebela Kickstarts his Newest Creator-Owned Property 

Eisner-nominated comic creator Christopher Sebela launched a Kickstarter campaign on May 1 for his new creator-owned comic, “Short Order Crooks.” The series began as an idea brainstormed with “Bitch Planet”’s Kelly Sue Deconnick in 2010. Seven years later, Sebela is collaborating with artists George Kambadais and Lesely Atlansky to bring the project to life.

“Short Order Crooks” stars Rockwell Granger and Harper Marbury. Granger is an ex-military drifter with a seedy past, trying to live his version of The American Dream — operating his own restaurant out of a Portland food truck. Marbury is a restless chef who dreams of cooking in a real kitchen after years of living on the floor of a co-op and cooking whatever scraps she can find in the fridge. Together, they navigate a world of secret menus, food pirates, femme fatales, culinary creeps, foodies and 5-star ratings.

This marks Sebela’s second crowdfunding a project. In 2015, he successfully raised $10,666 to spend a month living in the Clown Motel of Tonopah, Nevada where he encountered real clowns, transients, and junkies, then wrote a book about the experience.

Sebela is thrilled to get this project off the ground. “This is the book I’ve wanted to do for years now,” he says. “It’s got all the stuff I love to write about: crime, crooked characters and secret plans, but much more upbeat than I usually go. Beyond that challenge, it’s a cooking comic and a comedy, two genres that scare the heck out of me. But I think we’ve assembled a perfect team to pull it off.”

The new Kickstarter campaign will run until May 31 and has rewards ranging from digital and physical copies of the book, prints, enamel pins, original paintings of your favorite food, the chance to be a character in the series and a weekend at the Clown Motel with Sebela himself. The campaign can be found at

About Christopher Sebela: Christopher Sebela has written comics for a variety of publishers, including DC Comics, Marvel, Boom Studios, Dark Horse Comics, Oni Press, Skybound, Image Comics, IDW and Dynamite. His writing credits include Suicide Squad: Most Wanted, Injustice: Ground Zero, Captain Marvel, Fantastic Four, Demonic, High Crimes, We(l)come Back, Heartthrob, Dead Letters, Pool Disaster and his book, “I lived in a Clown Motel.” He and his co-creator Ibrahim Moustafa were nominated for two Eisner awards for their work on Dark Horse’s High Crimes in 2014. Sebela lives in Portland, OR, where he spends his days writing and taking pictures of dogs in coffee shops.

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