Siegecraft Commander Launches January 17, 2017 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC

Cross-Platform Multiplayer: PlayStation 4 to PC, Xbox One to PC, VR to Traditional Monitors

Siegecraft Commander, the action strategy hybrid from Blowfish Studios, launches on January 17, 2017 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC with support for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.
Siegecraft Commander will support cross-platform multiplayer between PlayStation 4 and PC as well as Xbox One to PC. The optional VR interface and controls can play against opponents using a traditional gamepad and monitor. PvP matches feature either tactical turn-based combat or action-packed RTS gameplay, whereas the campaign offers real-time play.
Players build fortresses, guide soldiers into epic battles and destroy enemies across battlefields with catapults atop structures, which not only lay waste to opponents, but can also build new towers. If a structure is demolished, the towers it helped build also crumble, leading to potential domino-like effects where entire forts are destroyed with one well-placed shot.
Every tower boasts a distinct advantage; a Barracks generates foot soldiers that advance into enemy lines for example, while Ballistas act as passive defenders against air-based units.
Siegecraft Commander‘s breadth of structures and units, their potentially domino-like chain reaction if one falls, and the challenge of pulling off well-aimed shots make for a strategy experience unlike any other,” said Benjamin Lee, CEO of Blowfish Studios. “With both strategic turn-based and action-oriented real-time play, gamers of all tastes can have a blast toppling each other’s bases.”
About Blowfish Studios
Blowfish Studios is a Sydney-based Australian indie developer. The team strives to develop original multiplatform games with diverse feature sets that appeal to a broad audience, and to have fun in the process!
To learn more about Blowfish Studios please visit
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