Skyward #8 Review


Writer(s): Jeremy Dale
Artist Name(s): Jeremy Dale, Kathryn Layno (colorist)’ Thom Zahler (letterer)
Cover Artist(s): Jeremy Dale , Chris Giarrusso

The Runaway hit series continues! At last, the decision is made…WAR! From rising star 
creator Jeremy Dale (GI Joe, Marvel Kapow!), this issue also features a stellar homage RETAILER INCENTIVE variant cover by Chris Giarrusso (G-Man, Mini Marvels) 

FC/ 32 pgs./  $2.99 (reg.) $3.99 (var.)


Skyward issue 8 brings the battle of three rivers nearly to its conclusion with intrigue and a great sense of humor that gives this book a very easy reading quality.

This issue sees our heroes preparing to fight the Battle of Three Rivers with the enemy closing in will they be able to prevail? The battle and its conclusion will happen next issue however, what this book does do is move the plot along at a great pace, moving all the key players into place with nothing seeming rushed or ill thought out. Each character is shown in some capacity so fans of the series will be aware of how everything fits into place before the carnage and chaos kicks off in the next issue. We are introduced to a new character that I will not spoil for fans of the series safe to say based on his demeanor and great design he is sure to become a favorite. The one thing that is enjoyable about this book is that whilst this issue deals with small matter of a large battle about to kick off, it retains a great sense of humor that appeals to all, it brings across such an easy going quality that it can’t help but bring a smile to your face whilst reading some of the dialogue.

Not having read this book before the art was utterly fantastic, it is well drawn all of the characters are very expressive and some of the character designs are inspired. The colors tie this book together in spectacular fashion, giving it an almost painted feel whilst looking like an animated series at the same time. No expense is spared on the backgrounds in this book either with everything being extremely detailed but, only where it needs to be and it can be a real joy to look at each page as a whole.

Skyward is a great family friendly comic, it’s almost like a Pixar movie distilled into comic book form. Anyone will be able to pick up this book and enjoy it for its light sense of humor, excellent plotting and pacing and great characters.


By Matt Deery

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