Art by Alexandre Reis
Colors by Nimesh Morarji’s Art
Written by Chuck Amadori


Writer Chuck Amadori and Artist Alex Reis bring us Snake, the story of an outlaw whose reputation precedes her. Arriving in the town of Cambria the local try to establish that they are the top of the food chain, safe to say our hero does not take this too well and begins to fight back in the only way she knows how.

Snake is a fun read, it establishes a strong western theme with the atypical “strong female lead”, and I write it like this because whilst she is a strong independent warrior woman who can kick ass with the best of them, the jarring thing is her costume stands out amongst the period pieces seen elsewhere in the book. It is clear that both writer and artist have spent a lot of time creating this very western feel yet Snakes character design is a complete mystery, Reis’ art is great, all the characters are emotive and highly detailed however, having her dressed in the clothes she is sadly just breaks the reader from the experience, it feels like it belongs in a Witchblade comic or something of its ilk than a book like this.

The story and writing though do a really good job of establishing Snake and the world she lives in. Much of this issue is spent showing off the town and the world that this comic inhabits and it’s this type of world building that allows a reader to quickly become invested in a comic. Snake is an all-round ass kicker, we see in this book that she has strong moral centre that despite her being described as an outlaw she adheres too rigidly. The exposition in this book is kept to minimum and allows the story and the characters speak for themselves, we can see where this story is going (at least for the first few issues) but, it will be a fun payoff, especially when all hell breaks loose and the bullets start flying.

Snake is a fun first issue, doing what it needs to do giving the reader a glimpse into the world of Snake and showing us why we should stay there. Criticisms about character design choices aside, any one whom is a fan of western stories should give this a try, I feel that many readers may find it lacking in that something special but for fans of the genre it is definitely worth checking out.



By Matt Deery