SNAPSHOT REVIEW: Jackpot #1 from AfterShock Comics

Behind two very stylish covers (I prefer the Brian Stelfreeze one for the record),  lies a very stylish looking book.

Written by Ray Fawkes, with art by Marco Faila and colors by Stefani Rennee, the book features a gang on a hustle, looking for that elusive jackpot.  Just looking at the 12 page advance, the book reeks of collaborators at the top of their respective games.

Fawkes, provides a script that allows the characters to breathe, to feel like part of their surroundings rather than just being pawns to move in order to move the story along.

Marco Faila’s work has a distinct look to it, moving from sharp edges to curves at a drop of a panel to differentiate situations and characters with great effect.  The colors by Rennee seem a little bright, but bearing in mind the action is centered around a boat in the middle of the sea, I can understand the choices of the scheme used.

I have been looking forward to this book for some time, which can cause problems if it doesn’t match my, thanks to the high quality of AfterShock’s other books, very high expectations.  I am glad to say that this teaser has only made me want to see the whole book even more.

For a full “star” rating, keep an eye on the review section in the very near future.

(W) Ray Fawkes (A) Marco Failla (CA) Brian Stelfreeze
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