Soulfire Annual #1 Review

STORY BY: JT KrulAgnes GarbowskaMark Roslan

ART BY: Agnes GarbowskaLori HansonGiuseppe Cafaro

COLORS BY: JuanchoValentina PintoAgnes Garbowska


COVER BY: Michael Turner

PUBLISHER: Aspen Comics




The Soulfire Annual gives a nice overview and a great flavor for the world of Soulfire displaying some great art and touching stories in this beautifully drawn anthology. Oh and Dragons!

One of my previous complaints with other issues of Soulfire is that since Michael Turner’s passing is that artists seem to have to stick to this regimented house style emulating a master of his craft. Whilst these artists are not bad it can lead to a feeling the artists are constrained and unable to express themselves to their fullest extent. Thankfully in the annual some of the stories break away from that house style and are more the better for it, particularly part 1 with its more painted style stands out. This issue also has a final back up story that was originally drawn by Turner of which his art is always a treat to see.

The stories contained in this are a real mixture that gives anyone a good introduction to the world of Soulfire. The mythology behind this series is really interesting and it is nice to see it explored in more detail especially the last story which gives an overall introduction to the set up and premise of the series. What we also see is an overview of the characters and the power that they wield with Malakai coming into conflict with a villain of circumstance for the right reasons is using his power in the wrong way and the life lesson that this teaches the young hero, as with my review of the last issue, it is in these quieter character moments that this book really shines as you see the trails that these characters endure and how they grow stronger for them.

Overall this annual is a great introduction to a world with a deep background and mythology that is worth exploring, long-time fans I’m sure will pick up a lot of the plot threads that are woven throughout this tale whilst new readers are welcomed into yet another great comic world to explore.


By Matt Deery

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