All-ages science-fiction comic book series set to blast off with the help of crowdfunding.

SPACE COPZ: CEREAL ZOMBIES is an all-age science fiction comic series following the journey of Sgt. Alpha Omega and his loyal sidekick Beta Boy, as they traverse outer space, saving it from great evil. Available as a web-comic series before making it’s way into print copy. Each Space Copz story will be illustrated by a different artist, making for a unique experience for all. The issues will not be numbered but will instead be titled. This will allow more casual readers the opportunity to pick up the series wherever/whenever they wish.

Mike Speakman, author of Space Copz: Cereal Zombies is committed to providing readers of all ages with a comic book that heavily touches on life lessons such as; bullying, thinking logically and diversity. The stories included in Space Copz are illustrated by various artists. In the first book of the series, ‘Cereal Zombies’, the artists come from Australia and Spain.

Kickstarter will allow for issues of Space Copz to be released at a regular rate. Using this campaign Mike Speakman hopes to gauge the interest of readers globally. Mike understands that creating comic books is by no means a cheap endeavor and is looking to crowdfunding for assistance. Mike says that he is looking forward to building a sense of accomplishment that he wishes to share with backers of the Space Copz campaign.

Readers of Space Copz: Cereal Zombies have expressed great enthusiasm for the project and have had positive responses:

“This is a fun read! It is nice ride through the Space Copz world! Also as always, the aesthetic is great. That in the images for the story and the style of the art.”  – Greg K. Smith; Junior Braves of the Apocalypse(Oni Press).

“Dropping white hot fun times for the kids like prizes in a cereal box!” – Ryan K Lindsay; Beautiful Canvas(Black Mask Studios), Negative Space(Dark Horse Comics).

“Bursting with energy and oddball humor, Space Copz is comic powered by big ideas. It reminds me of the raw and subversive cartoons of the 90s updated for a modern audience. Comics can be anything, and Space Copz makes good on that endless potential.” – Pat Shand; Destiny NY, Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man(Marvel).

Mike Speakman is born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. Enjoying art ever since childhood, he decided to pursue writing. Mike has had previous comic work published internationally and is a former music journalist for Australian music magazine, Hysteria.

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